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13923847_10209223226792709_4552347366568979597_oCarla is the Main Hose with an attitude befitting a cat. She voices Levy in the manga, the host of “Guess Who with Carla” and she works on the website when she is not on the show cursing the mute button.  Don’t forget to stop by and toss in a guess on the show, you might just win something.


He is the creator,editor and now co-host of the show, since he gave Carla control of the live shows.He tries to keep the show organized, but most of the time he only succeeds in derailing the show. When he is not trying to get us to focus, he works on Anime and Manga reviews that are posted on our YouTube.You can show Natsu how to be a real Dragon Slayer on Twitter.



Mirajane is the second newest co-host on the podcast. Natsu brought her on as a guest one night after she won our lyric challenge and we decided to keep her. She brings you the Anime review and the most recent anime we have watched  for review in What’s New in Animoo on the show every Monday.



Elfman is our manly co-host with about as many facial expressions as you can find on the internet. Join Elfman on “Cooking with Elfman” every Monday, provided that his computer allows him to be on the show. Feel free to give him some ideas on what to feature on CwE by leaving a comment on our Facebook.



Lucy is our co-host of many hair colors. She voices all of Lucy’s lines in the manga and gives you a run down of where you can find your favorite Fairy Tail voice actor in attendance at upcoming cons. So stop by and squeak a boob on Mondays in support of Lucy! Or leave her a comment on Facebook so you can squeak the other boob too!


Lisanna is the co-host with the diamond nipples. She host the segment Reedus’ Gallery and is our resident art student. You can visit Lisanna on Tumblr when she is not on the show. Remember that you can leave a comment on the Facebook page when its time for Reedus’ Gallery to submit a piece of fanart to be voted on. Who knows, the one you submit might be the one that wins.


Jellal is the co-host that has multiple personalities,  sometimes they all come out to play at once! When he is not battling himself he voices Mystogan, Siegrain and ex-magic council member Yajima in the manga read throughs. Stop by Facebook and leave a comment that would give Jellal something to argue about with himself.

Master Makarov


Master Makarov is the co-host that spends the most time arguing with the Magic Council. Sometimes, we don’t even get to see him on the show because he is filling out paperwork from where Natsu has yet again angered the Magic Council. We also kiddnapped him when we brought him on to interview him about his show, Word Ninja Podcast. You can find him on his other show, Not Suitable for Word Ninjas as well.



He is our lovable co-host with a stripping fetish! His British charm/accent will keep you coming back for more! He also voices Gerard in the manga read through. Even though you don’t get to see him on the show much, make sure to stop by our Facebook page and send him some Gruvia love pics. That should get him back!



Juvia is our co-host with an obsession with one man. She is the voice of Minerva in the manga read throughs and assist with all the rub rub jokes. Don’t know what that is? Watch the show to find out. Make sure to hit up Facebook with a like or comment in the name of Gruvia, who knows, you might just help her win her man.




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