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Hey guys Carla here for the Anime Reviews. Now everything on this page is my opinion and does not reflect the crew. This is just the thoughts I have as I have them while watching the show. 

Anime Episode 188 (Episode 13)

Carla Reviews 188

And with that fight between Rogue and Gajeel, I have officially had the biggest let down yet. That fight had so much hype, and it just fizzled. The animation had the chance to be awesome, and it was just blah. There was nothing about that fight that had me excited about it. I truly feel let down after seeing that, I was so happy to see this fight animated, now I worry about the future fights.

The Garou Knights showing up again. Well this might make this episode better. Still reeling from the disappointment early.

And again with the flashbacks, I’m not liking this episode at all. Everything that was in this episode was a flashback, and yes I know this was in the manga, but it was much shorter and not as many flashbacks.

So Frosch checking on Rogue is cute. I love how the Exceed’s are protective over their dragon slayers, even when they have no real magic to speak of, and can’t fight, they still put themselves in harms way to protect them.

Also, Minerva and Erza, that fight might save this episode for me, but I doubt it. I still like the animation on Minerva’s magic, I hope that level of animation is applied to her magic in later episodes.

As for Gray and Juvia vs. Lyon and Cheila, that fight for me is pure comic relief right now. Which is a good thing, something else that might save this episode.

So the Garou Knights are interesting. But I still feel like this episode could have been so much more. I do like how they are mixing up the fights, not having the same Fairy Tail members fighting the same Garou Knights is making this episode better. But for some reason I am having another one of those “Did this happen in the manga?” thoughts. I might go and start reading the manga from the start again. I feel like with this new animation company, there is a lot of these questionable moments in the anime now.

The leader of Lamia Scale making everyone spin was kind of funny. Especially  Sherry, hehe, at one point it looked like her boobs were actually coming out of her top.

Jura fighting is awesome. It was nice to see the animation for the God Slayer Magic stay consistent like it did, I like that they did that with Minerva’s magic as well. And yes I did join everyone in the grand magic games with holding my mouth wide open when Jura just one shotted Orga.

The episode ends with Jura and Laxus going head to head. Jura of course repeats the same one shot technique on Laxus, but Laxus being a member of Fairy Tail gets back up. This is another fight I am waiting to see, and I hope I am not disappointed like I was with Gajeel and Rogue.

I give this episode a rating of (in bra sizes) A. The one fight I was looking forward to in this episode was too short and the animation sucked to be honest. There was so much more they could have done with the shadow animation. Apart from some cute moments, the Garou Knights, some comedy relief in the Gray and Juvia vs. Chelia and Leon, and the little bit of the fight we get to see with Jura, Laxus, and Orga, this episode just let me down, and I had to force myself to finish it.

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Anime Episode 187 (Episode 12)

Carla Reviews 187

Dude Rogue’s comment to Gajeel about how he is not on Natsu’s level still burns. I’m looking forward to this episode, just for the sheer fact that I get to see these two fight. This was an awesome fight in the manga, I’m glad I finally get to see it in motion.

Dude Happy’s little freak out moments are the best. Its like everyone is trying to figure out how this could happen, or how they can stop it, and you just have Happy over here going nuts because he heard 10,000 dragons. Happy you are awesome when you blow everything out of the water!

Ohhhhhhhhh crap! The flashback or would it be flash forward, either way, dude that was intense. I’m glad we are getting to see more of it, but I don’t think I really want to. Basically we were just told that everyone in the group that is in the palace dies, well except Lucy. I think I would rather this not happen. But I do like that we are getting to see all this animated. I mean reading it is one thing but seeing it happen is another.

*wipes away tears* When Natsu walked over to future Lucy and put his forehead against hers, I wanted to cry. Actually I did a little, ah the emotions in this episode are so raw, its awesome. I also don’t like Arcadios at this moment, I don’t really remember the whole scene with him and the Princess in front of Eclipse. But either way, its like he knows something. I hate not remembering.

Whoa the shadow from Rogue! I am on the edge of my seat, I really want to see this!

The animation fro Wendy and Mira running looked a little jagged, did not like that. But the Exceed running is so freaking adorable.

Aww Happy protecting Carla, TO ADORABLE!!!!

What…in…the…hell was the guy on a dolphin who is “the Strongest” mage for the kingdom? Also, was that in the manga, cause I know I forget a lot, but I don’t think that I could forget something that was that damn ridiculous.

Fro running to save Rogue was so damn adorable, I want Fro so bad.

The episode ends with Gajeel absorbing the Shadows from Rogue’s shadow. Which is badass if you ask me.

I would have to give this episode a DD. There was so much that I liked about this episode, also Frosch it to damn cute.

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Anime Episode 186 (Episode 11)

Carla Reviews 186

Holy shir Kagura’s power! No wonder she kept her sword sheathed, pulling it out leveled half the city when it connected with Erza’s sword.

I don’t think we needed the whole play by play. It is times like this where I’m glad and annoyed that we have them. I mean it just asks all the questions we are already asking. But if we are asking the questions, that means we have already seen all the episodes leading to this one, so we already know what’s happening.

The scene with princess Hisui is kind of boring. I mean she practically said the same thing last episode. I’m losing faith in this episode to be honest.

So I kind of got sucked into this episode. Dude Erza was amazing when she took down Kagura. What was even more amazing was when she saved her. I had chill bumps on my arms as Erza told Kagura how they knew one another. Which technically speaking Kagura should know Erza’s real name. But they never hint at it in the manga, so I guess they won’t in the anime either. Also Kagura has some amazing strength to just pick up that rubble that was smashing Erza’s leg, the Fairy Tail world is just full of people that can do somewhat unrealistic things. I mean I understand that everything in this world is kind of out there. But I don’t think a 100 pound girl should be able to do that. This is not a super hero manga after all.

Also Minerva your a jerk. In the manga I’m kind of feeling for her. But in the anime I still wish she would just be killed off. I can’t wait to see her reality check in the anime. Even though I know it is a long time coming. I still wish it would hurry, she is an amazing mage, she knows how to use her power, but her attitude and the way she does use he power is what makes me hate her right now.

Dude Gajeel’s face when Rogue tells him he is not as strong as Natsu. That was enough to make me want to say he takes it back for him. But only getting to see this little bit of fight between these two is like a really mean tease. Cause we all know this fight in the manga was another bad ass one as well.

Juvia and Cheila fighting is just too much, like how the hell do you stand that level of cute! Also the way Juvia looked when Gray said her name was adorable. It was like she was confused as to why he was talking to her. Then he totally just made her day by asking her to fight with him. And of course you know Juvia, in her head Gray practically just asked her to marry him. This was a nice touch of comedy here.

Dude the preview of the dragons was awesome! I’m glad that we are seeing them again, ya know since we have not seen them since we had started the new series. So I’m looking forward to the next episode.

This episode ends with Princess Hisui saying once again that he mind will be made up on if she will use the Eclipse gate depending on the result of the Grand Magic Games. I mean we get it already.

I will give this episode a rating of C, I was really bored with it at the start. And there were some fights that there should have been more of. I remember feeling this way about the manga as well. So we will just wait and see.

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Anime Episode 185 (Episode 10)

Carla Reviews 185

I felt that review of what was going on in the last episode was a little long. Could have done without the point system and just stated who was left, and went right to the review of the battle between Erza, Kagura, and Minerva.

I like seeing the emotion Lucy has to seeing her future self. I mean I would have had more than likely the same reaction to seeing myself if I was in her place. I also thought it was funny when they were talking about send up a flare to let the guild know that they rescued Lucy and then you have Natsu chime in and say he did not know there was going to be two of them.

Man I don’t know what to think about Princess Hisui. One minute I want to be like aww she loves Arcadios, then she goes and does something stupid or says something stupid and I’m like can we get past the arc with Princess that needs to fire her dressmaker cause they made that dress about 12 inches too short for a princess. Also, I seemed to have forgotten that she unlocked the gate before Lucy and Yukino got their keys back. Or was that something that was just added to the anime?

I’m sorry I don’t like Minerva at all, but the freaking animation for her magic is AWESOME! Also that was badass when she switched herself with Erza, I had to rewind and watch that one again.

Okay can we hurry up and get Lector back. Frosch is killing me with the crying, he/she looks so damn cute it makes me want to cry as well.

I’m half and half with the whole tower of heaven flashback. You can tell they did not reanimate it, especially when it comes to Jellal. Or it looks that way to me. But it was nice that it was in there, kind of a reminder that everyone is tied together even though they are not in the same guild.

Dude Kagura looked like a badass before now she really is. I feel there was a little bit much pertaining to the tower of heaven. I mean I don’t remember there being that much in the manga. But then again it has been awhile since I have read this chapter. For some reason I am not really impressed with this episode.

The episode ends with Kagura finally pulling out her sword and then a splash of blood. Which really is the only exciting thing in this episode once Minerva stopped being in it.

I give this episode a B, it was lackluster and had to much flashback.

Don’t forget that you can watch episode 138 to see what the rest of the crew thought about this episode of the anime, or you can watch Natsu’s review on youtube. Also you can go and watch the anime on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub, FUNimation’s Website, or Netflix. Don’t forget you have to have a subscription to watch on all of these websites. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this episode of the anime, and stay tuned for the next anime review coming soon.

Anime Episode 184 (Episode 9)

Carla Reviews 184

The intro with Rufus was a confusing thing to me, I was like hold on a minute did I skip something cause that was not the last thing I remember.

So for the most part this episode seems like it is going to be a fill in. Your seeing everyone who is in the Grand Magic Games, you get a little brief discussion from Mermaid Heel, and then you see the group that is still in Hell’s Palace. Which is nice, covering all the basses and what not. But I just want to see the dragons already. Also Happy freaking out about the centipede crawling through the eye socket was priceless, cause that is the same reaction I would have.

Dude Natsu always having to mess something up with a funny moment. I am liking the animation on revealing Future Lucy. That was awesome, until you get to everyones faces. It’s like a open mouth gif or something.

I am having a love hate relationship with the princess. I mean even in the manga I thought it was a bitch move to put Fairy Tail down there. But now that I’m seeing the anime and I’m thinking back on it (seeing everything animated does that) I feel like the princess might be in love with Arcadios and he with her. In that case I get why she did it, but that does not change the fact that she looks like a hooker. I don’t think Mashima did the best job when he drew her close like this. But that is just me thinking about princess’ and ball gowns, cause that is still what I think a princess should be dressed like.

Mavis has the funniest faces. First she has this happy face that looks like she just ate something that made her tummy really happy when Juvia runs into Cheria, then she has this I think I might puke face when she sees that Erza did not run into Minerva like she planned. Which since this battle on two fronts started she has not been wrong, so I can see why the sour face. But the faces just look so funny on Mavis because of the way her eyes are drawn. I really wish she had pupils.


Dude the animation for Minerva appearing was bad ass. OMG I was waiting for that to happen and they did not let me down. Okay I am getting really excited about this fight right now. So excuse me if this review skips a bit and makes no sense whatsoever. Ah hell what am I saying, it’s me we are talking about here, do my reviews ever make sense?

So hold cow Minerva’s magic animation just gets better. That was badass, I mean that is really all I can say. I’m loving this fight right now, oh and mind = blown at the moment.

Oh and there is the fanservice for this episode, thank you Milliana.

Dude the ending of this episode has my jaw on the floor. Seeing all this animated just makes this five time better then reading it. I can’t wait to watch the next one.

I give this episode a DD in bra sizes. It has me wanting to do nothing but watch the anime right now. So I’m going to rush through all the stuff I have to do so I can write the next review now, kay bye.

Don’t forget that you can watch episode 137 to see what the rest of the crew thought about this episode of the anime, or you can watch Natsu’s review on youtube. Also you can go and watch the anime on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub, FUNimation’s Website, or Netflix. Don’t forget you have to have a subscription to watch on all of these websites. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this episode of the anime, and stay tuned for the next anime review coming soon.

Anime Episode 183 (Episode 8)

Carla Reviews 183

Happy’s response to Lucy summoning Aquarius is so cute. He’s like “Please tell me you are not going to summon her!” I mean he is that afraid of Aquarius that he is not even willing to have her summoned to save his life. Too cute Happy.

I feel that the fight between Mira and the paper dance chick (can’t remember her name at the moment) is lacking. I mean the whole scene between her and Mira is this executioner throwing out all the different colors of paper she has and Mira not doing anything. I mean it’s Mira she is an S class mage, she should be wiping the floor with this nit wit already, instead she is standing the trembling. I was so looking forward to this fight being animated and so far I am being very disappointed.

Dude, Pantherlily’s fight is awesome. Even though it is mostly talking, I am just excited that we get to see Lily fight! He looks so badass in his big form, I am excited to see him actually put the acid guy in his place. Also the brief scene we get of Natsu was kinda awesome as well. Or I thought the dudes explanation of his weapons was anyway.

Aquarius is awesome and that is all I got to say. Well not really. Anyway I don’t remember this much of a Conversation between Lucy and Aquarius, maybe it is something they added in the anime? Anyway it is entertaining so thumbs up from me. Also can she just kill the tai dude already and get it over with. It’s starting to get very boring.

Dude Wendy is becoming a little Badass. I can’t wait to see the rest of that fight, go back to that one. If only the anime would listen, sadly it won’t so continuing on with this episode, that is somewhat lacking in the awesome department here.

Why is Natsu’s fight the second most boring one there is? It’s Natsu, how in the heck can that even be possible? This episode is really letting me down here. I mean I get that it’s a move things along episode. But can it move them along where they don’t bore me to death?

The scene with Elfman trying to go rescue Mira is another thing I don’t remember about this episode when it was in the manga. But then again that was a really long time ago and I am somewhat happy that this episode is reminding me about things that I don’t remember. If this did happen in the manga that is. Otherwise, awesome new content.

Holy Shit who pissed Mira off? Oh right the paper chick. I am so glad this scene happened, it saved this episode. Holy crap when Mira decided to start using her full power I was sitting there wide eyed. That was awesome, this fight is turning out to be the best fight in the episode instead of the most boring fight. When Mira was in the Indigo ball and was suppose to be suffering from love and trauma and you seen the flash back of Lisanna dying, and then coming back. I was ready to grab a tissue, but then Mira just smashed the hell out of that and then smashed that chicks head. I’m like that is the S class Mira I know. Woot good fight.

Dude that tai guy has some guts man. He called Aquarius useless. And was that really needed in this episode? I mean it’s about to end and besides Wendy and Mira’s fights there has not been a whole lot of action in this episode. Heck even Mira’s fight started out boring. I kinda want this episode to end so we can move onto the next one.

The episode ends with flashes of everyone battles, and thank god they are heating up finally. I like Natus’ ending the most, him asking the executioner guy if he would really want to become a enemy of Fairy Tail was awesome. I also like how Natsu said he would become a enemy of the world to protect his family. Then you get all of them punching or kicking their opponents into the same hallway, that was awesome. So I’m happy that this episode ended, and I do like the way it ended, but it was kinda rushed. Felt more like they were going “Oh no we spent so much time animating random parts that we have to hurry and end the battles. But they ended in a decent manner I guess.

I would give this episode a B. The fights ending was all that I really cared for in this episode.

Don’t forget that you can watch episode 136 to see what the rest of the crew thought about this episode of the anime, or you can watch Natsu’s review on youtube. Also you can go and watch the anime on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub or on FUNimation’s Website. Don’t forget you have to have a subscription to watch on either of these websites. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this episode of the anime, and stay tuned for the next anime review coming soon.

Anime Episode 182 (Episode 7)

Carla Reviews 182

The Tai tai guys face when Arcadios started walking in the lava, that face was priceless in the manga, it makes it even better in the anime. Ah I’m so happy that we have Fairy Tail back, and as I am typing this the intro is playing, and I am totally typing in beat to it.

I had totally forgot that Horologium saved Arcadios. So when you see Arcadios’ hair go under the lava, and then a weird looking hand come out of the lava, it kinda makes you scratch your head. I had thought that Arcadios’ hair had turned into a hand as a last resort to get help. But then you hear Horologium talking and I had that whole AHA moment. It’s like I remember this now. One thing I do want to mention is when Arcadios is in the lava and he is just there accepting his fate, that made me want to cry.

After I had gotten over Arcadios and his hair, and Horologium being there I was like wait a minute. How in the heck was he able to get through the gate? Well Loke showing up was a reminder yet again that “Oh yeah this happened in the manga.” Which for some reason I am having a hard time remembering this chapter.

I’m not sure if I like how this animation studio has drawn Loke’s ears. I mean before they looked more natural and like hair. Now they are definitely lion ears, but they look weird. Going to take a few episodes with Loke being in them before I get use to his new ears I guess.

For some reason the fight between Natsu and the executioner with the axes is comical to me. I guess it is because Natsu of course being Natsu is totally clueless to what this guy is talking about. But seeing it animated makes me want to die laughing. As so why, I don’t know, but it is good to have comical relief in episodes. I’m just not sure if I’m find the right thing comical at the moment.

Virgo, Virgo, I don’t even know what to say on this one. It was funny to see the Tai Tai guy get a little confused when he sees Virgo show up. Virgo’s animation for digging seems to be the same, or at least I can’t see any real differences. I thought it was funny to see Happy and Carla holding on to Arcadios while they were all sliding away. But what really made me laugh was when the Tai Tai dude used Gravity Zone to get Lucy and Yukino out of the hole Virgo had dug, and Lucy starts floating chest up towards the large ice spikes that are every where.

Loke and Virgo’s attempts to warm Lucy up are so much more awesome when animated, I seriously want a whole bunch of Fairy Tail Cosplayers to do this dance now.

Taurus being sad because he did not get to fight next to Lucy when the Lava Zone was up was funny. I liked how Tai Tail guy was like first a maid and now a cow, and was like okay then, random spirit. Also seeing Taurus fall on the ice and getting his head smashed by his own axe was pretty comical as well. But I’m somewhat sad cause Taurus always had the funniest fights and he was out of commission in like 2 seconds.

OH MY GOD PLUE AND TAI TAI GUY DANCING!!! That was so funny to see, I am liking this episode very much. Then you have Cancer who gives him a hairstyle change and I had to pause the episode from laughing to hard. So now we need a whole bunch of Fairy Tail Cosplayers doing Plue’s dance as well.

I was happy when the fight between Lucy, Yukino and the Tai Tai guy started picking up some steam. I mean I know I was happy with it when it was all comical, but at some point the fight needed to go somewhere besides who has the best dance moves.

Happy was to freaking adorable sitting there trying to get his but warmed up. I mean do you blame him? The Tai Tai guy has changed the environment so much, I mean I would be trying to warm my butt up as well. Carla sitting there with him was adorable as well.

So the episode ends with Lucy having to summon Aquarius which does not make Happy feel safe at all.

I would have to give this episode a C. I mean it was comical, we got to see most of the fights except for Pantherlily. All you really got was a brief glimpse, not really any air time to be able to tell what is really going on. There was a little too much comical relief going on, and I really am starting to get bored with this part of the arc.

Don’t forget that you can watch episode 135 to see what the rest of the crew thought about this episode of the anime, or you can watch Natsu’s review on youtube. Also you can go and watch the anime on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub or on FUNimation’s Website. Don’t forget you have to have a subscription to watch on either of these websites. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this episode of the anime, and stay tuned for the next anime review coming soon.

Anime Episode 181 (Episode 6)

Carla Reviews 181

The update on what has been happening so far, seemed a little long. I don’t think we needed to go back as far as when Lucy and the gang seen Eclipse and was told about the Eclipse Project. Anyone who has been watching the show would know what was going on.

Wendy inside the flower….this just seems like a bad opening to some kind of tentacle hentai or something. I mean really, so many things are wrong with this scene. To make it even worse, you have the flower chick saying that Wendy will become a flower when she dies, and Happy automatically starts picturing lots of Wendy flowers. Now my only problem with this is that the hair is brown on the Wendy flowers, Wendy has blue hair. So I don’t know if that was a mistake, or if it was done on purpose, but that just did not seem right.

Mira in satan soul!!! Okay this is something that was well animated. I liked how she was all posing like a badass and you have Yukino all “Wow that is Mira!”, Lucy is like “Yep we have nothing to fear when she is in satan soul!” Then there is Happy, who is like “I fear Mira!” I’m like lol wow that was priceless!

Not sure if anyone else noticed. But when the group gets covered in the purple confetti, Wendy is the only one who actually has the confetti in her hair. The rest just have it on them from the neck down.

Dude the animation for when everyone is being sucked into the flower is amazing. What is even more amazing is when they decide to destroy the flower and you see all of them start using their power, and then the giant explosion. Now that is amazing, something that this studio has gotten down is explosion.

Happy floating in the air and trying to air swim was hilarious. The cherry on top of this was when he says he is not a fish and the guy turns around and pulls a fish out of his pouch. I mean this is just the comedy relief that this episode needed. I am excited for the individual fights to start. They were really well written in the manga, I can’t wait to seem them animated.

The whole scene where Asuka is trying to understand why the first master is an adult, but she looks like a kid was priceless. It was so adorable!!!! Then Makarov pretending to sleep because of the explanation as to why Mavis is not a child, it just made this scene 10 times better.

I got so caught up in the executioner fights, that I almost forgot about the Grand Magic Games fights that were happening. So when you have them start showing where everyone is, I was like “Oh yeah there is still the Games to consider”. Now why did I forget about this…not sure. But the fights with the executioners are pretty bad ass. Also Millianna trying to be all tactical and being distracted by a cat, even better than in the Manga.

Seeing the brief moments of everyones fights was awesome. I’m glad that this was here, cause now I won’t forget about them like I did the Grand Magic Games. LOL. But the best one was when Wendy was running away from Cosmos because she did not like sour foods. That is going to be a cute fight, I’m sorry it just is. I really don’t think that I will be able to take this fight seriously now that it is going to be animated.

We end the episode with Lucy and Yukino being in a bit of situation. I mean because hanging over lava is nothing to be worried about. Now this part in the manga had me sitting up going oh shit, seeing it animated had me wanting to take a cold shower, cause I could almost feel the heat when Arcadios stepped into the lava. I was like okay then, that is badass, and he is totally and completely nuts.

I would have to give this episode a rating of D. I give this episode a D because it had a lot of oh my god moments, and had a lot of story progression, with some comedy tied in there to keep you happy and not bored.

Don’t forget that you can watch episode 134 to see what the rest of the crew thought about this episode of the anime, or you can watch Natsu’s review on youtube. Also you can go and watch the anime on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub or on FUNimation’s Website. Don’t forget you have to have a subscription to watch on either of these websites. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this episode of the anime. Stayed tuned for the next anime review coming soon.

Anime Episode 180 (Episode 5)

Carla Reviews 180

The recap of the last episode was awesome. Especially Gray walking away like a bad ass with that hat. I love seeing the pumpkin guys reaction to Rufus getting beaten, that is even better animated.

Sting’s reaction when Minerva not only tells him she wants him to be the new master of Sabertooth, but also that Lector is still alive had me wanting to hug him. Reading this was bad enough the first time, now I am seeing it all animated and it is still making me cry, just harder. Also I don’t like Minerva in the Anime either, but she does have a cool dress on.

The little tear marks floating above Wendy’s head when she starts crying because she can’t fix Natsu were funny to me. Just because of the strange little sound they made.

Pantherlily is freaking adorable, he is all like “If I knew this was going to happen I would have drawn a map!” At that very moment I wish the animators would have animated in one of those little bubbles that had Pantherlily drawing on himself. That would have been so cool.

I swear this episode is just going to be Cat’s being adorable. Happy is freaking awesome while Yukino is trying to thank Natsu for defending her when she got kicked out of Sabertooth. He is just flying around going, nope you totally do not remember that, and correcting him. Which is such a Happy-ish thing to do. I guess it is something that all the cats do, which is awesome, cause you know the humans of this world need to reminded what it is their tiny brains could not remember…Sorry about that, think I just slipped into Carla-nator mode there.

The music was also a killer while Yukino was talking to Natsu, it was like aww come on people, I’m already sitting here debating on if I want a box of tissues! Another cute cat moment was when Happy told Lily that he liked to make those pronouncements, and Lily was like do we need to have a talk later. Happy’s reaction was priceless, he just can floated out of the shot of the screen. Such a Happy thing to do,

 Natsu falling face first on Wendy’s butt was hilarious, however, Lucy falling crotch first on Natsu’s face was priceless. I was super Happy when I realized what episode this was. Because even though it is a lot of story progression going on, it had a lot of funny moments. Which in my mind stopped it from being a boring episode.

So this episode seems to pick up after the halfway mark, I mean we have Happy getting squished when Pantherlily and Carla fall on him. We also get to see the Garou Knights for the first time. Now I was a little let down with this group, one the colors were not what I had thought they would be. Which is okay cause its not that big of a deal really. But the kicker, and this is more for the Garou Knights, is when Natsu just starts laughing at them because they don’t look like knights, to make matters worse he is being backed up by Mira and Wendy who agree with him.

Seeing Pantherlily in his battle form again was awesome. He also looked a little funny holding that tiny little sword. But what made my day was when he transformed he said Gehe, which is freaking awesome! I also like how happy was like I’m going to fight, and Carla was like umm I don’t think you should. Cause we totally know that Happy was going to try and fight to save face with Carla.

Holy crap seeing Wendy and Natsu do a dual dragon roar was amazing. I had chill bumps on my arms because of this. I have to give this new studio props for this animation sequence. It was awesome! Also Happy and Carla cheering on their Dragon Slayers from the side lines was pretty awesome as well.

The episode ends with Natsu and Wendy getting their butts handed to them, after two more Knights join the fun, which then brings in Mira and Pantherlily. Wendy is now stuck in a plant, which animated makes it even more crazy looking.

I would have to give this episode a rating of C. The comedy in the episode is what kept it going for me.

Don’t forget that you can watch episode 133 to see what the rest of the crew thought about this episode of the anime, or you can watch Natsu’s review on youtube. Also you can go and watch the anime on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub or on FUNimation’s Website. Don’t forget you have to have a subscription to watch on either of these websites. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this episode of the anime. Stayed tuned for the next anime review coming soon

Anime Episode 179 (Episode 4)

Carla Reviews Episode 179

So the black and white opening scene with Gray punching a wall confused me the first time I watched this episode. I was like umm, I hope this is explained later, then I remembered that he had went up against Rufus and lost.

When Gray was begging Mavis to let him fight Rufus so that he could show him what a real Fairy Tail wizard could do, I got cold chills. I mean the voice actor for Gray is just amazing right there, it was like you could feel the raw emotions that he was feeling from being defeated and how he wished to prove himself.

While Rufus was sitting there telling us about he can do all this stuff with magic, including read a book on ancient magic and then combine it with stuff he has memorized, I was sitting there going ” No way that is not fair!” Then I had to stop the anime and laugh a lot because Elfman told Gray “Do something. You’re a man aren’t you?”

So what number is Master Makarov in the succession of Fairy Tail masters? Well according to Levy and Elfman he is the sixth master, but this is a very confusing question. I know I have long ago lost track because of the time skip, and what not.

Dude Happy wearing the skull of a dead person that did not make it out of Hell’s Palace was hilarious, what was even better was that he scarred the crap out of Lucy with it. Chalk another one up to Happy and his awesome timing.

Something else that had me laughing was the pep talk the whole group kinda gave Yukino. Lucy was like “There is no pinch that does not have a way out.” Then you see all of them in a circle and she says “Well maybe there is a pinch that you can’t get out of.” I liked how they were all grayed out and had little lines over them. I think that added to the despair factor a little.

Some people in the comments on Youtube had asked the crew what they thought about the new designs for Happy and Carla. To be honest I had not really noticed them until this episode, cause I was actually looking for them. I’m not to sure how much was changed but there seems to be less details on the close up of Happy that caught my attention. It was like he had a smaller head, and body or something. I am going to have to keep my eye out for more things to make up my mind what I really do think about them. Because until now I had not paid attention.

Can someone please teach Happy how to draw? I mean it is cute and all but I have to agree, it is scary looking. I think the most concerning drawing is of Natsu, its like um Happy you have spent how many years with him and you could not draw him in a somewhat decent manner. He looked more like a hobgoblin the Natsu, which I think just kind of made this even funnier.

Okay, Lucy telling the guards that if they did not let them out was funny. But the cats dressed up as the judges from the Grand Magic Games was even more hilarious! Of coursed I have to be a little biased here and say that Carla in the pumpkin guy costume was the cutest.

Rufus sits like a girl, he always has his legs crossed and his toes pointed like he is some dainty ballerina or something. For some reason that bothers me and I don’t know why.

I really did like Juvia’s inner monologue to Gray about how she would not turn around to go help him because she believed in him. That being followed by Gray’s inner monologue and flashbacks was awesome, you could kind of feel the build up to Gray saying he had had enough and that he was going to kick Rufus’ butt.

So we know Gray strips, but the best reaction to him striping was not Juvia, it was the judge who was yelling “he took it off!” over and over. I mean dang I thought all the other peeps were happy, but that guy seemed a bit ecstatic.

I really like the animation on Gray’s Ultimate attack and Ice Bringer. They were well done, although the random blinking shots of the Ultimate attack was a little confusing at first, when I watched it again I was like that is so awesome! So well done so far to the new studio, there has only been a small amount of things that I did not like or thought did not fit to well.

When Gray grabbed Rufus’ hat and put it on, my inner fan girl had a nosebleed. I know that there are several girls on the crew who would agree with me on this. I know Erza already does. The next Gray figure that comes out needs to be of Gray in his Grand Magic Games outfit, minus the shirt of course, and he needs to be wearing Rufus’ hat.

We end the episode with the group in Hell’s Palace giving up on trying to get the guards to come to them, and they decide to move on. I am excited for the next episode because of the plant that we see just before they walk off. We all know that it is the entrance of the Garou Knights, so this is going to be good.

I would have to give this episode a rating of C, it was a good one, the fight between Rufus and Gray was awesome, but it just felt like it was a move it along episode.

Don’t forget that you can watch episode 132 to see what the rest of the crew thought about this episode of the anime, or you can watch Natsu’s review on youtube. Also you can go and watch the anime on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub or on FUNimation’s Website. Don’t forget you have to have a subscription to watch on either of these websites. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this episode of the anime. Stayed tuned for the next anime review coming soon

Anime Episode 178 (Episode 3)

Carla Reviews 178

So Mavis’ eyes are kind of freaky, I mean they look like she is just not focusing on anything, or that she has no pupils. Either way, that just hit me when I started watching this episode, don’t know why but it did.

Oh and I am still loving the intro *bops head around*

Oh my god, when Happy says he has an idea on how they can sneak into the castle I was like, well this is going to be good, and boy was it. Natsu kinda looked cute in the bear outfit, not going to lie, but my favorite one was Mirajane in the vegas show girl outfit and the Jason mask on. I mean really Happy, what part of that does not scream suspicious to you, the show girl outfit, or the mask? Also Wendy of course looks adorable as the Pumpkin guy (I can never remember his name).

I know in the first review I did I pointed out that Erza had some curves on her now, even when she was in her armor. But the close up we get of Erza’s face when she is telling Natsu in the others that she is counting on them, I noticed some changes as well. I can’t actually put my finger on it, but the only thing I can think of to describe it is she looks softer in the face…I guess. I’m not sure, her face just looks different and I mean that in a good way.

I laughed way to hard when they showed Master Bob being all happy that his guild one the battle with Mermaid Heel. If you look in the background you can see that there are several more men dressed up as women. I am starting to wonder if the whole guild dresses up as women and the Trimans are the only normal ones.

I shouted some very odd words that was more like a string of gibberish when Sting just came out of no where and pounded Bacchus face into the ground. I mean holy shit where did he come from? Then some more gibberish with some laughter happened when Kagura just showed up and was like, nope you guys are done for and took Yuka and Toby out like they were nothing.

Dude I had chill bumps all over the place as Mavis started telling everyone that the reason why Erza and the rest of the team had not moved yet was because she had made a strategy. I’m like okay Mavis is already somewhat scary looking to me with her eyes that just don’t focus, but now she is starting to come up with strategies and saying them in a very determined voice. I had waited for this part to be animated for a very long time, I am excited that I did not have to wait very long before it happened.

So when I saw the Natsu and Wendy had been captured I was like hey wait a minute, then when I saw Mira was the guard and this was all just the plan she had been talking about I was like oh I get it. I did the same thing when I read this in manga as well. For some reason I forget the Mira can also take the form of other people as well.

The whole time Mavis is commenting on what everyone should do, and you see them doing it and she is right on the dot about everything had me sitting there just watching in amazement. Like I just could not stop to type anything at all, this is also another awesome part from the manga that I wanted to see animated. When Master Makarov remembered that Mavis was called the Fairy Tactician I just kind of smiled, this is turning into an awesome episode.

On another note, WHAT THE HECK IS WITH CANA’S BOOBS?! They have some kind of growth in a very mutated way or something. Like the whole episode her bobs have looked very different in each scene you see her in. I’m hoping that the peeps get a little more used to drawing her boobs, cause she is going to have some serious issues in the future episodes if they don’t.

Poor Happy, he got smacked in the face with a very hot bar. But Carla’s comment right after that super funny, I mean come on its Happy and Natsu, why would something stupidly funny happen when they are trying to save Lucy, that is just how things have to go ya know.

When everyone falls through the floor and Lucy is shouting that she is still getting dressed was funny, but what I want to know is how the hell she got dressed while she was still falling. Sorry naked or not, if I am falling to what could be my death, it sure as heck is not going to be my first concern to get dressed. The second part of this that was really funny is when they all land on the bottom and Natsu says “heavy” and Wendy says “Sorry I’ve been eating more.”

So Princess Hisui looks more like a hooker then a princess, I’m sorry if that was a little to upfront, but come on, this is the website for the Fairy Tail Podcast, we say it as we see it. Anyway that is not what I would think a princess should be dressed like.

We end the episode with Gray finding Rufus in the Library, why when I typed that did I feel like I was playing Clue? Anyway I am totally excited for the fight between these two.

As customary to the podcast I give this episode a D in Bra Sizes.

Don’t forget that you can watch episode 131 to see what the rest of the crew thought about this episode of the anime, or you can watch Natsu’s review on youtube.. Also you can go and watch the anime on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub or on FUNimation’s Website. Don’t forget you have to have a subscription to watch on either of these websites. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this episode of the anime. Stayed tuned for the next anime review coming soon.

Anime Episode 177 (Episode 2)

Carla Reviews 177

I still am in love with the opening. Most of the time I skip through the openings. But this one I just that bobbing my head and tapping my foot.

When we pick up the episode again you get that shot of the Dragon Bone yard, now the last episode I did not pay attention to this, I guess I was to excited about having the Anime back, so I’ll say something about it now. That is the prettiest bone yard I have every seen! Now you are more the likely going “Pretty?” just give me a sec. What I mean is it looks like all the bones are covered in glitter almost. I like that they went to that much detail to kind of show the layers of dust and decay that these bones have gone through so far. Now why do I see glitter when I think of that scene, I don’t know, but I do think the scene was well animated.

Now on to Arcadios. I just want to flick his nose! He always had a really big nose in the manga, I think they hit it right on the mark with this nose. Also seeing Yukino once again animated was nice, I like her outfit, they did very well on her as well. So no complaints as of yet, but then again I’m not even 5 minutes in yet.

Okay just saying this “THAT IS A PRETTY BIG CASTLE PALACE THING!” I mean when you look at it from Happy, Pantherlilly, and Carla’s point of view that thing is huge! I’ll take one of those please.

The Eclipse gate looks awesome, not much else I can say on that part.

So when the Minster of defense guy is yelling at Arcadios saying that of course he is opposed to the plan, I found an animation error. After he says “Of course I am opposed to it!” his mouth keeps moving, but the subtitles don’t change and he is not actually saying anything. So I have only seen one, I know that there are others, I have had them pointed out to me, but this is the first one I have seen myself, so yay me!..I think.

I like the way they animated Natsu’s magic being pulled out of his body because he used magic near the Eclipse Gate. If you pay attention it is vaguely the shape of Natsu, so it kind of looks like he is getting his soul pulled out of his body. I don’t know if this was done on purpose, but I like it.

I seen this in the Manga, but seeing it in the Anime makes it even better. Natsu being tied up to the pole while everyone is just starring at him. That is priceless no matter what format it is in.

Natsu got squished by master Makarov! That has to be the best scene in this episode so far. He was like I’m free lets go save Lucy, then Master Makarov was like nope sit your butt down. Nicely done Master as always.

Seeing the whole guild standing there as Master Makarov says “We are Fairy Tail” was AWESOME. I don’t know why, but some of the parts that were my favorite in the Manga just look even better in the Anime, they then make me like them even more.

So I seen this happen more then once in this episode, and I am not a fan of it being done on a main character. When they are in the distance, or the background, but close enough you can see them, but they just don’t draw the face. They did it on the soldiers when they were arresting everyone in front of the Eclipse gate and again on Lucy when she is listening to Yukino talking about her sister. Now I don’t know if it was a animation error when it was done either time, but I would like to think that it was when it was done to Lucy. I mean she is not that far away from the center of the frame, actually she is about the same distance as Yukino. The only difference is that Yukino has her head down, so her face did not need to be drawn. Lucy has some hair on her face, but not enough to excuse not actually drawing her face. I don’t know why this was done or if it was done on purpose, but it just seems tacky to me.

*sniffles* Alright, seeing Yukino cry as she tells Lucy that her parents were killed and her sister was taken away because of Zeref, that pulled on my feels. It was sad in the Manga, but dang it seeing it animated, and hearing that music just makes it even sadder.

So I’m now thinking this is a thing, or an error, I’m hoping it an error. They did not draw the faces on the Trimans and Sherry when Blue Pegasus was announced, but the same distance of the camera on Mermaid Heel they drew all the face on them. I don’t know why this is being done, but this is going to be a pet peeve of mine if this is continued.

Now onto the really cool freaking entrances of all the guilds. It was so nice to see them all animated again, it was even more awesome to see the Grand Magic Games tournament animated again. I did not know how much I really and truly missed that place.

The flashback that Sting has of Lector cheering him on was so sad, but his reaction was oddly brave for the lack of a better word. He was all like to honor Lector’s memory he would not lose again. I mean that is so sweet, and I did not think that Sting had a sweet side to him, and even though I have read this in the Manga, it just seems so new to me seeing it animated. So I am glad that they can make me feel like I am seeing something new even though I really am not.

I’ve decided that I am not really a fan of the ending theme song. For some reason when I think Fairy Tail and then the awesome opening I just don’t see this ending song. For whatever reason it just does not seem like it fits. So I am still not sure about the animation, but I have made up my mind about the song. Its an okay song, but not a song for Fairy Tail, or not this arc anyway.

As customary to the podcast, I give this episode a C in Bra sizes.

Don’t forget that you can watch episode 130 to see what the rest of the crew thought about this episode of the anime, or you can watch Natsu’s review on youtube.. Also you can go and watch the anime on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub or on FUNimation’s Website. Don’t forget you have to have a subscription to watch on either of these websites. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this episode of the anime. Stayed tuned for the next anime review coming soon.

Anime Episode 176 (Episode 1)

Carla Reviews 176

Let me just say that I was super excited when this was announced. I had missed watching the anime a lot, so when I was given the link to the Simulpub and told that it was ready to watch, I had a serious fan girl moment. Now onto the Anime!

Okay when I saw the opening I was a little confused. This was not what I remembered happening in the previous episode. When I stated my confusion to the others on the show they reminded me that we could be seeing the alternate timeline. When I then went and watched this episode again, I realized they were more then likely correct because of the sheer amount of Dragons in the sky. A fact that I did notice when I watched it the first time, but I was stuck on the whole “Wait did this happen in the previous episode?”

I love the opening theme. I just sit there a bob my head and tap my foot to the beat. It’s well done, the song is nice, I more than likely at some point will look it up and see if there is a dance I can learn to it. Also the scenes in the opening don’t really give too much away. Which is nice, I kind of like watching the anime, and not knowing that something serious is going to happen to that character because it was in the opening. So well done, if I had a hat on or wore hats, I would tip it to the new studio who took over.

As I stated, this episode confused me…a lot. Especially the part where there is death, dragons and destruction, then Natsu and Gray fighting in the guild? But I went with it thinking that maybe the start of the episode was a flash forward to what this seasons ending would be. When me and some of the podcast members had talked about it, I had not truly noticed that they were reintroducing everyone. As I watched it for the second time I did notice that they had Wendy telling you that Natsu was a Fire Dragon Slayer, and Gray was a Ice Make Mage.

Again we have another info card on a character, this time it is Mirajane giving us info on Wendy. Now when I had noticed that this was done twice I was like “umm we have watched this series since episode 1, we know what their magic does.” But then thought maybe because there was a new studio in charge that they were kind of doing this as a reminder? I’m not sure, but I hope that it does not continue.

Lucy telling them to calm down and the turning to the master for help was hilarious. I mean really? He is sitting there drinking and you think he is going to help you? Happy somehow getting in the middle of it was nice touch, but the icing on the cake (pun intended) was when his fish got burnt and landed on Erza’s cake. Now up until when Erza bashed Natsu’s and Gray’s head together I had not noticed that the females were drawn a little differently. Erza had only had a lot of female curves when she was not wearing her armor and even then it was hard to see. In the shot where she is telling them that they are not going to have it easy, you can see that even in her armor she has some curves.

Now Gajeel making his entrance was what triggered my memory and had me remembering what was in the last episode. I did like how Natsu had forgotten that he was the reason that Gajeel had not completed the match with him. I also like the new way he is drawn, or I think it is new, or it looks new to me. But I am a Gajeel fangirl so it could be just me having a Juvia moment.

So this episode is now getting interesting! When I saw Sting and Rogue standing before the Master of Sabertooth, I thought this was going to be another Yukino moment. I had the same thought when I had read this in the manga. Then I remembered what this scene was and thought I might start crying even before it got to that point. In a way it was the same deal as with Yukino, after he had kicked them around the room a bit, he did demand that they wipe off their guild marks. Which I thought was a crappy thing! I mean they did not just stand there and let Natsu beat them, they did fight back. Not only that but they are already injured and he is just beating them up. That made me mad, but I did think that the animation was well done despite them getting their butts handed to them.

*wipes away tears* So remembering this from the manga, I sat there staring at the screen as Lector stood up for Sting. When the master was like who are you? I grabbed my kitty cat who had been sitting next to me sleeping and squeezed him. When Lector disappeared I had tears running down my face, even the second time I watched it. I remembered reading the manga and thinking to myself this is going to be painful to watch when it is animated, and I was right, this was heart wrenching, especially when Sting started screaming and crying. Then Frosch was crying while Rogue picked Frosch up to protect Frosch. The animation however was amazing, even if it was Lector dying, but the animation that gets a thumbs up in this scene is when Sting uses his magic and punches a hole through his master. Now that gets a round of applause from me, not only because it was him getting killed for what he had done to Sting’s cat, but it was well thought out. So I am liking how this new studio thinks so far, I just hope that there is no more info cards being read by the characters.

Seeing Jellal again was nice. I of course know who it was that he found because I have read the manga, but it was still nicely done. I feel this scene kind of tied the ending of the last episode and this one together, and some of my confusion is now cleared up.

Seeing the Dragon Bone Yard scene brought back memories. I had completely forgotten about Wendy receiving the Milky Way spell. I mean she did not even know what to do with it when she got it, so it was a lingering question I had once had as to what she would do with it? Now I know.

Again we see the mysterious girl and we hear about the Eclipse plan. It made me think a little which is good.

Zirconis’ summoning was hilarious and amazing. I love the colors and the way it almost looks like there is a solar system image from used from the real solar system. Beautifully done, I have to say. Also, the expressions on everyone’s face when he is summoned and they see just how big the dragon’s were, that was awesome! Also Natsu’s reaction to Zirconis saying that he is going to eat Wendy, hehe I laughed, then laughed harder when Zirconis flicks his finger through Natsu and was like “Umm I have an astral body, I can’t eat her smart one!”

Having the origins of the Dragon Slayers animated was nice, it was also nicley done. I for some reason can not remember if I had read this in the manga or not, so seeing it in the anime was a refresher for me if I had.

So I have a beef with how the colored Acnologia. One, the black is to hazy, but that could be because he was surrounded by smoke. Two, the blue was way to light, even if it was because he was surrounded by smoke. I mean in the colorings that we have seen Mashima himself do he had electric blue designs. In this scene they are almost teal looking, so I mean what is the reason for changing the colors that much? I hoping that if we get another shot of Acnologia that he will be colored the original way, he looked very cool that way.

So I’m gussing that the begining of this episode was Carla’s vision and that we are seeing it as it was meant to be at the end. Why they had to put that little bit in there at the start, was annoying. It was where most of my confusion came from in the first place. But in the end having Carla kinda show us in blurry images, and then snapping back to it they way they did was well done. So now the question I now have is this. If this is a vision from Carla, is this her seeing the alternate timeline, or is this her seeing what happens if they don’t stop the eclipse plan from happening?

I’m not sure how I feel about the ending them at the moment. I think the part where Lucy and Natsu meet in the park is nice, I also like that she has Carla, Happy, and Pantherlilly as keychains on her phone. But the song and the rest of the ending theme is still iffy for me. So I’ll watch it a couple times and see if it grows on me.

And with that I am going to end this review. As is custom of the podcast, I have to give it a bra size rating of C. There was just to much confusion with the start and end of the episode, as well as the whole info cards being read as line for some of the characters. I believe that was not needed. I hope that we get some more of this vision/alternate time line.

Don’t forget that you can watch episode 129 to see what the rest of the crew thought about this episode of the anime, or you can watch Natsu’s review on youtube.. Also you can go and watch the anime on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub or on FUNimation’s Website. Don’t forget you have to have a subscription to watch on either of these websites. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this episode of the anime. Stayed tuned for the next anime review coming soon.

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