~About the Fairy Tail Podcast~

What are we?

We are a group of like minded individuals who fell in love with the Anime /Manga Series, Fairy Tail. Now your wondering where the podcast part comes into the equation…right? Well here it is: We started out using Skype as our medium to bring you episodes of us acting crazy and talking about Fairy Tail. Now sense Google Hangouts has been out, we moved to Google Hangouts as our medium. Of course that means we are no longer really a podcast, we are now a vidcast. But that is just fancy talk for a podcast with video. So we still go by the podcast name that we started out as.

Are we new to podcasting?

No we are not new to podcasting. Most of us started out on another podcast called Konaha Corner. Sadly we ended Konaha Corner about a year ago. When you do the math, we have been podcasting in one way or the other for 3-4 years now. As there is no end in sight for us, that number will more than likely grow.

Perks of watching the live shows

Now sometimes we get really cool stuff to give away from FUNimation, Crunchyroll and Kodansha. Working with these awesome people allows us to keep you up to date on all things Fairy Tail. This means, Anime, Manga, Video Games (although none have been released in the Untied States of yet) and Merchandise. If you would like to see all the Amazing things we have found so far you can check out our Official Merchandise page.

We have interviews with Todd Haberkorn (Natsu), Cherami Leigh (Lucy), Newton Pittman (Gray), Colleen Clinckenbeard (Erza), and Tyler Walker (ADR Directer). We plan to have more for our fans as time goes on. We hope to have a complete list of these interviews in the future.

We do a weekly review of the manga using Crunchyroll’s Simulpub and now do a weekly review of the Anime using FUNimation and Crunchyroll’s Simulcast.


Now this would not be a very long show if we just did the Anime and Manga Reviews right? No, it would not. So we have come up with Segments on the show that most of the time reflect the personality of the character that we chose to be named after.

Guess Who With Carla

Carla is the hose of Guess Who With Carla, which use to be named Carla’s Magical Education. Guess Who With Carla is a guessing game that Carla plays with the audience. You get 5 hints and 10 minutes to guess who is the mage that Carla is describing. Now we know that your thinking “ONLY 10 minutes!!!” But there has to be a time limit, or we would never get done with the game. So this gives you 2 minutes per hint to guess the right answer.

If the mage is not guessed, the hints go up on our Facebook page, here you can guess up to the end of Cooking With Elfman. Then the 5 hints you received carry over to the next week where you will get 5 more hints to guess the mage. Now, this could go on forever, so we only carry the hints for 3 weeks, then Carla will tell you the mages name, about them, their magic and sometimes some bonus material like stats and quotes.

Now if you guess within the 10 minutes you get a shout out on the show, your name on the Facebook and website (in the Episode posting), and sometimes we even get cool stuff to give to you.

Cooking With Elfman

Elfman is the host of Cooking With Elfman. In this segment Elfman tells you how to cook yummy things. Sometimes they are anime or manga related, video game related, t.v show related, or whatever Elfman’s stomach thinks is a good idea for dinner.

Now when we say Anime or Manga related, we don’t just mean Fairy Tail, we mean all the Anime and Manga out there. Those of us on the show don’t even know what he is going to teach you how to cook! More recently we have added an alcoholic drink to the segment. This follows the same guidelines as the food portion of this segment.

*Disclaimer- We in no way promote underage drinking. So please wait until you are 21! Trust us, you will have more then enough time to try all the drinks that Elfman covers once you get to that ripe age of 21.

Reedus’ Gallery

Lisana is the host of Reedus’ Gallery. This is one of the segments that has a chracter name in the title that is not the host of the segment or related to the personality of the character.

Reedus’ Gallery is our fanart segment. We post every Monday for you guys to send us a link to your favorite fanart, you can also vote for the ones that are submitted. Once it is time, Lisanna will pick the winner and give us her opinion on how the artist might have went about drawing the fanart. After that, the rest of us on the crew, rate it in bra sizes, and no you did not read that wrong.

After that we say what we dislike or like and pick a word that reminds us of the fanart. The fanart is then posted on the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Website (Episode post) where you can find it later if you wish to.

What’s New in Animoo

This segment is where one crew member gets to tells the rest of the crew and you the viwers what Anime they have been watching and what its about.

Did you really think we only watched one Anime ever? Join us for this segment to see what we have been up to in the Anime viewing world.

Levy’s Research

This segment is audience driven. On Levy’s Research we answer questions that you the viewer have about Anime, Manga, Japanese Culture, gaming, you name it.

Now it does not only have to be about Fairy Tail. So go to any of our social media sites and ask a question. Now we only answer 3 per episode, so its first come first serve. So go ask your question quick!

Anime and Manga Reviews

Now what would we do if not talk about the Anime and Manga for the show we have named ourselves after? During the Anime Review, Mirajane tells us what she thinks about the anime and a little of what happened in the most recent episode.

We also read aloud/act out the most current manga chapters from Japan. You can find these on Crunchyroll’s Simulpub so you can be current as well.

We encourage our listeners to support the official releases as well as helping to promote anyone in the anime community who would like for our fans to know of us.

From all the members here in the greatest guild in the world; “Welcome to Fairy Tail!”

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