Episode 269: GWWC-Jager

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GWWC Winner: Daryl Green

Jäger is a tall man who, just like most of his fellow Quatro Cerberus members, has a big, robust and heavily muscular body, possessing particularly massive arms and torso. His very long white hair is gathered on the back of his head and tied in a ponytail, which juts backwards and takes on a fan-like shape, with the ending part being much larger than the one near his head. Jäger’s face is square-shaped, he possesses a flat, small nose and reddish eyes, circled by dark lines, making them look somewhat slanted, topped by massive, arched eyebrows which, in contrast to his snow-white hair, are black. He’s mostly shown with a grimace on his face, his teeth clenched. On Jäger’s head, covering his ears, is what appears to be a pair of black earmuffs, and circling his neck is a large red collar adorned by massive, whitish spikes; a trademark ornament of his guild. Jäger doesn’t seem prone to remove the latter two accessories even when in a swimming pool, as shown from his group’s visit to Ryuzetsu Land. His Quatro Cerberus mark seems to be located in the center of his back.

Jäger’s muscular upper body is left mostly exposed, with only his hands and forearms being covered by a pair of dark, fingerless gloves ending in metal bands below his elbows. He wears dark pants with light, rectangular patches in correspondence to the knees, and has a light belt, closed by a button on the front, holding up two small pocket bags on his sides. His outfit is completed by a pair of simple, light shoes.

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