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I wish I had paid more attention to the news and updates that were coming out during the holiday break. I would have been voting like crazy for this one. But, even though I did not get to vote, or maybe even you did not get to vote. Fairy Tail did take home some trophies…so to speak.

The winners were basically Fairy Tail and Noragami Aragoto as they took all the categories but one and that went to Assassination Classroom for Favorite Villain being Koro-Sensei. So the following are the categories that Fairy Tail won:

Favorite Hero: Natsu

Favorite Weapon/Ability: Fire Magic

Favorite Fight Scene: Natsu Vs. Rogue & Sting

Favorite Simulcast: Fairy Tail

Basically Natsu won all the things!!!!

Don’t forget to click the image to go to FUNimation’s website and check out the categories that were not won by Natus-I mean Fairy Tail.


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