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Trying to catch up on shows and give reviews of second seasons for other shows I decided to wait until the current season was over to review Noragami. If you haven’t watched the first season I encourage you to do so, since Aragoto is the 2nd season and you will be pretty confused if you skip right to it. For the purposes of this review though I will be talking about Aragoto, the name of the 2nd season. And as always I will keep it spoiler free for those who are reading this but may not have watched the show yet.

Synopsis: Noragami Aragoto is the continuing tale of a japanese god trying to make a living as a god in modern times. That’s the general premise of both seasons, but the focus this season is more on action and drama. Our main characters go through lots of trials that had me sitting on the edge of my seat and yelling at them. When I get this heated about story and characters you know they got something right.

There are so many more characters that make an appearance and are developed further  from where we left them in the first season. The good news is that they don’t leave out development of the main characters just because they’re introducing you to so many new ones. In fact each new character is responsible for developing the character of one we met in the first season. So many shows anime or otherwise tend to do a bad job at this, so it’s good to have a second season of a series that not only shows it can be done, but does it well.

Story: Aragoto picks up where Noragami left off. Questions you have at the end of the first season are touched upon or answered outright in the second season.While at the same time bringing up new situations and questions. By the end you will be demanding a season 3. I like how they narrative was handled for Aragoto, a lot of the things you wanted to know about or characters you wanted to learn more about were given their moments in a way that didn’t feel like they were just answering a bunch of questions from season 1 and then moving on with the new story. It may take some time (towards the end of the season) for some to come up, but I think it works well that way since it let the story flow easier and you don’t feel bombarded by explanation. No recap episodes here. You wanna know more, watch season 1. I love not having to sit through a crap ton of recaps.

Rating: This is a definite 4 out of 5 Fire Dragon’s Roars. The story is really solid and it holds up well. I think season 2 was much better than season 1 and honestly I really enjoyed the first season. The only reason it doesn’t get a 5 out of 5 is because it’s not the most amazing story in an anime I’ve watched and it does have it’s lull moments. But it’s definitely worth a watch.

Art: The art is generally the same as the first season, but there was so much more action in season 2 as opposed to the first season that I feel like there was a greater level of difference between the two. Even though there is more action in this season, it doesn’t overshadow the more somber emotional dramatic moments, they shine just as brightly. I feel like even though the art design didn’t really change the level of quality only improved, which was a tall order considering the last half of the first season.

Rating: I will give the art quality 5 out of 5 Fire Dragon’s Roars. It was just amazing, and I feel that when you watch it you will think the same too. It’s not quite the art quality of Madhouse or Ufotable, but it’s really close in terms of quality. The way that the art was treated really works well, even in the silly moments.

Sound: I didn’t really get into the music for Noragami or Aragoto. Sorry for those of you that love it, but it didn’t really stand out to me. In fact while typing this I can’t remember a thing about the background music or the OP and ED. Which is funny because the OP won best OP/ED award from the FUNimation poll that was cast to rate best anime for 2015. The music did capture the atmosphere of each scene, but it wasn’t something that stood out to me later. Maybe it’s because I would watch Iron Blooded Orphans afterwards and the music in that show is so good that it’s like my mind was wiped. But considering it had to stand against series like the new Gundam or the music from the K: Project series. There is just no comparison.

Rating: This has to be a 3 and a half out of 5 Fire Dragon’s Roars for me. This one kinda hurts a bit. I gave it a 3 because it wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t memorable either. This is probably the biggest flaw I have against this whole series. I understand that this is my personal opinion and you may think differently than I did about the music and sound, the mixing and voice over weren’t bad at all, but i just can’t think of a single piece of music that stood out to me.

Characters: This is where the Noragami really stands out. They have such a wide range of different and interesting characters all throughout the show. And again the new ones don’t take away from the old ones, in fact they add more depth and introduce new sides of the characters. Pay attention all shows out there! This is how you do character progression and introduction in a second season right!

Rating: 5 out of 5 Fire Dragon’s Roars. I feel like I have said everything I needed to say about this subject and why I gave it 5 out of 5, so let’s move on already.

Enjoyment: This series is really good and Aragoto just adds to that and leaves you wanting more. This is exactly what a middle act should be like. There are some movie series where the 2nd movie in a trilogy did just this and did it well. The Two Towers and Empire Strikes Back to name a few. I feel like Noragami Aragoto did this very well. The moved forward with the story, we learned more about everyone, met some new people that enriched the world further, and brought more depth to the story.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Fire Dragon’s Roars. Please add this to your collection. You will not be disappointed. If you haven’t watched Noragami yet, please go check it out before you start on Aragoto. The music is still my only issue, but this is one series that needs to be on your shelf.

Dub/Sub: Haven’t seen this dubbed yet.

Overall: Sadly the music was a let down, but since the rest of it was so good and at time dare I say amazing, that I can overlook it enough to add it to my collection. Please make sure you go onto FUNimation’s site and check this one out! I really want a season 3.

If you want to watch it and let me know what you think of it, you can check it out here.


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