Episode 161: Chibi Casts Meets Tiny Jiemma!!!

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~Episode 161~

So this episode is another tiny cast and starts with just Mira and Natsu. They enlighten one of the viewers on the many different anime there is to watch and make a Guess Who With Carla Natsu that you can’t forget.

Also we did an interview with Pallet Town Champions!!! Check out that interview below.


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Episode 161 had the following segements.

Anime Review

~Episode 208 (Episode 33)~ Astral Spirytus(Astral Spiritus)

Mira felt that this episode was better then the other two, but said that it did not say much.

She thought that the whole fight with Cana was a lot like Yu-Gi-Oh and that the whole quiz show with Levy was kind of a “Well guess its a good thing that Levy is in the quiz show.”

She thought that the fight between Aquarius and Wendy should have been between Aquarius and Lucy. And that the fight between Elfman and Tarus was not as epic as they made it seem, because it only lasted 2 mins and was not that big of a battle.

*Tune into the episode to try and understand more of Mira’s review, cause she was kind of confusing to me to try and type it back out.

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Guess Who With Carla Natsu

Click for more info!

Click for more info!

Character: Jellal Fernandes

Guild: Crime Sorcière

Winner of Guess who With Carla Natsu: Bob Jones




~Manga Recap~

Chapter 408 The Definitive Demon

Fanart for this chapter is titled Fairy Tail 408-Mard Geer by StepTwo Anime. Click to see this image on Deviantart.

Fanart for this chapter is titled Fairy Tail 408-Mard Geer by StepTwo Anime. Click to see this image on Deviantart.

To Read along with us click on the link below.

Chapter 408

Links for the fanart can be found by clicking on the fanart or clicking the artist name and title of the fanart below.


Fairy Tail 408 – Mard Geer

~End of Episode Credits~

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