Episode 160: True Facts About the Fairy Tail Podcast!!!!

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~Episode 160~

Natsu starts off the show with true facts about the Fairy Tail Podcast. Which in the long run was more nonsensical bullshit for your entertainment.

We also have some questions that we sent to Todd that you were not able to ask on our Todd Interview. You can click below to watch the Todd interview and see what we did get to talk about.

We almost have another Lisanna-Carla fight during Reedus’ Gallery that Natsu planned to turn into a Carla rant if the fanart had got chosen. But it didn’t and we moved on to the fanart that made everyone happy…ish.

Also tune in to see the crazy voices we do for the Manga Dub for this chapter.


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Episode 160  had the following segments.

Anime Review

~Episode 207 (Episode 32)~ Stand Hisui (Hisui Rises)

Mira was bored again with this episode. She thought that some of it was funny, but it was to forced. Like they were trying to hard to make it funny.  Her reasoning behind this was because it was not written by Hiro Mashima and is filler.  Cause Hiro Mashima is awesome!

She did however think that it was awesome that we git to see Hisui and Arcadios again. They also confirmed that Hisui is in fact a Celestial Mage, which we all were guessing she was anyways. She did make the Eclipse Gate!

She also thought that it was cool to see Pisces again, and that the mom being a shark was awesome.

She thought that the fight was lack luster and that it was not a big surprise when Arcadios pulled one everyone and said he had the real keys.

All in all she was really bored with this episode and is looking for ward to everything else that is suppose to happen. Unless it is going to be boring, then she will continue to be upset.

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Guess Who With Carla

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Character: Wendy Marvel

Guild: Fairy Tail

Winner of Guess who With Carla: Tatsuyo Dragneel. 


Reedus’ Gallery

Fanart for this episode is by Little Fairy Baby and is titled Your Sorrow is Our Sorrow-This is Fairy Tail. Click to see this image on Deviantart.

Fanart for this episode is by Little Fairy Baby and is titled Your Sorrow is Our Sorrow-This is Fairy Tail. Click to see this image on Deviantart.

Lisanna’s Review: Lisanna thought that this fanart was okay. She was not a big fan of it because it was a drawing done with heavy screen references. She thought it was okay,  not bad or good just Okay.

Bra Sizes: 2 =C 2 = D 1 = DD

Natsu liked how they blended everyone in to the picture. He thought it was really well done.

Erza however disagreed with this. She thought that it was eye jarring to look at with how they blended the picture

Mira thought that the picture was very busy and the harsh lines were not a good idea. She also felt that the artist has the skills to do better because the piece was done in pencil.

Lucy thought that it was a good picture, but some areas were clusteted. She said that if they would have distributed the characters more evenly, she would have liked it better.

Carla liked the fanart because there were so many people in different stages of crying, and that it was done on pencil.

~Manga Recap~

Chapter 407 To Destroy My Very Body

Fanart for this Chapter is titled Fairy Tail 407 I Am Devil Slayer by IITheYahikoDarkII. To see this fanart on Deviantart click on image.

Fanart for this Chapter is titled Fairy Tail 407 I Am Devil Slayer by IITheYahikoDarkII. To see this fanart on Deviantart click on image.

To Read along with us click on the link below.

Chapter 407 

Links for the fanart can be found by clicking on the fanart or clicking the artist name and title of the fanart below.


 Fairy Tail 407 I Am Devil Slayer 

~End of Episode Credits~

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