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Hi guys Carla here! Just wanted to leave you a little post telling you about why the site looks so bare. If you have watched the live show, or any of the episodes within the last few months you already know the answer.

For those of you who are behind a few dozen episodes this explanation will benefit you. We have moved the site! Fairy Tail Podcast has a new home on Host Gator! Now most of the content from the other site ( did not transfer over. We have some of our pictures but there is a lot from the other site that was needed that did not transfer.

This would be an issue if we had not planned on remodeling the site to start with. So little by little I will be rebuilding the FTP site. Don’t worry everything is still on the other site. We are using it still has a kind of holding pin for the content we have until I can get it all here.

What does this mean for you the viewers? Well it means that you will have to keep your eyes on two sites. Most of the new content (starting with episode  157 ) will be on this site, everything else ( starting with episode 141 ) will be on the other site. Yes I know there are some episodes missing, they are there, but not posted. I will be working backwards on the episodes once I get the main pages up and operational.

So bare with me while I work on this. I hope you guys continue to watch Fairy Tail as well as read the manga. Remember why we are all here, its to support the official releases of the show and manga, as well as keep Hiro Mashima employed.

Whelp onto working on the next task to build the site.

~Carla =^.^=

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